Content Management System (CMS)


What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) can be broadly described as either:

1. a system which allows a complete website to be created and edited (including menu systems, content and layout)
2. a system which allows someone to edit the content of a website without having to contact the website designer

"Full" content management systems include Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal (there are many others). They can be complicated to learn and considered unnecessary by those of us who have the technical skills to build websites without the need for such tools.

We prefer the implementation of simple CMS systems which, once the main website has been built using efficient hand-coded HTML, allows the owner to keep sections of the content up to date without having to rely on the web designer to make these simple content changes. This allows us to build a search engine friendly and optimised website and protect the layout and integrity of the website. We can then allow the website owner to access and update certain sections of the content using a tool which looks like a simple word processor.

So which content management system do Cirencester Computers provide?

Because we had specific requirements and wanted to make the content management system easy to use we actually built our own CMS!

We just couldn't find an "off the shelf" product which offered everything we wanted while at the same time being easy to learn and use.

I'm not exactly a technical wizard, is your CMS really easy to use?

Can you type text into a box? Then you can use our Content Management System!